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Fuse ø5.2x20mm Tube Fuse ø5.2x20mm Glass Tube Fast Acting Fuse (C-UL-US, PSE)



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Product Code (CIS125V) Product Code (CIS250V) Product Code (CSP125V) Product Code (CSP250V) Product Code (SGP125V) Product Code (SGP250V) Rating C-UL-US PSE Package
CIS100F1A15 CIS100F1A25 CSP100F6A15 CSP100F6A25 SGP100F4A15 SGP100F4A25 100mA Yes No 1000
CIS125F1A15 CIS125F1A25 CSP125F6A15 CSP125F6A25 SGP125F4A15 SGP125F4A25 125mA Yes No 1000
CIS150F1A15 CIS150F1A25 CSP150F6A15 CSP150F6A25 150mA Yes No 1000
CIS160F1A15 CIS160F1A25 CSP160F6A15 CSP160F6A25 SGP160F4A15 SGP160F4A25 160mA Yes No 1000
CIS200F1A15 CIS200F1A25 CSP200F6A15 CSP200F6A25 SGP200F4A15 SGP200F4A25 200mA Yes No 1000
CIS250F1A15 CIS250F1A25 CSP250F6A15 CSP250F6A25 SGP250F4A15 SGP250F4A25 250mA Yes No 1000
CIS300F1A15 CIS300F1A25 CSP300F6A15 CSP300F6A25 SGP300F4A15 SGP300F4A25 300mA Yes No 1000
CIS315F1A15 CIS315F1A25 CSP315F6A15 CSP315F6A25 SGP315F4A15 SGP315F4A25 315mA Yes No 1000
CIS350F1A15 CIS350F1A25 CSP350F6A15 CSP350F6A25 SGP350F4A15 SGP350F4A25 350ma Yes No 1000
CIS375F1A15 CIS375F1A25 CSP375F6A15 CSP375F6A25 SGP375F4A15 SGP375F4A25 375mA Yes No 1000
CIS400F1A15 CIS400F1A25 CSP400F6A15 CSP400F6A25 SGP400F4A15 SGP400F4A25 400mA Yes No 1000
CIS500F1A15 CIS500F1A25 CSP500F6A15 CSP500F6A25 SGP500F4A15 SGP500F4A25 500mA Yes No 1000
CIS600F1A15 CIS600F1A25 CSP600F6A15 CSP600F6A25 SGP600F4A15 SGP600F4A25 600mA Yes No 1000
CIS630F1A15 CIS630F1A25 CSP630F6A15 CSP630F6A25 SGP630F4A15 SGP630F4A25 630mA Yes No 1000
CIS750F1A15 CIS750F1A25 CSP750F6A15 CSP750F6A25 SGP750F4A15 SGP750F4A25 750mA Yes No 1000
CIS800F1A15 CIS800F1A25 CSP800F6A15 CSP800F6A25 SGP800F4A15 SGP800F4A25 800mA Yes No 1000
CIS1.0F1A15 CIS1.0F1A25 CSP1.0F6A15 CSP1.0F6A25 SGP1.0F4A15 SGP1.0F4A25 1.0A Yes Yes 1000
CIS1.2F1A15 CIS1.2F1A25 CSP1.2F6A15 CSP1.2F6A25 SGP1.2F4A15 SGP1.2F4A25 1.25A Yes Yes 1000
CIS1.5F1A15 CIS1.2F1A25 CSP1.5F6A15 CSP1.5F6A25 SGP1.5F4A15 SGP1.5F4A25 1.5A Yes Yes 1000
CIS1.6F1A15 CIS1.6F1A25 CSP1.6F6A15 CSP1.6F6A25 SGP1.6F4A15 SGP1.6F4A25 1.6A Yes Yes 1000
CIS2.0F1A15 CIS2.0F1A25 CSP2.0F6A15 CSP2.0F6A25 SGP2.0F4A15 SGP2.0F4A25 2.0A Yes Yes 1000
CIS2.5F1A15 CIS2.5F1A25 CSP2.5F6A15 CSP2.5F6A25 SGP2.5F4A15 SGP2.5F4A25 2.5A Yes Yes 1000
CIS3.0F1A15 CIS3.0F1A25 CSP3.0F6A15 CSP3.0F6A25 SGP3.0F4A15 SGP3.0F4A25 3.0A Yes Yes 1000
CIS3.1F1A15 CIS3.1F1A25 CSP3.1F6A15 CSP3.1F6A25 SGP3.1F4A15 SGP3.1F4A25 3.15A Yes Yes 1000
CIS3.5F1A15 CIS3.5F1A25 CSP3.5F6A15 CSP3.5F6A25 SGP3.5F4A15 SGP3.5F4A25 3.5A Yes Yes 1000
CIS4.0F1A15 CIS4.0F1A25 CSP4.0F6A15 CSP4.0F6A25 SGP4.0F4A15 SGP4.0F4A25 4.0A Yes Yes 1000
CIS5.0F1A15 CIS5.0F1A25 CSP5.0F6A15 CSP5.0F6A25 SGP5.0F4A15 SGP5.0F4A25 5.0A Yes Yes 1000
CIS6.0F1A15 CSP6.0F6A15 SGP6.0F4A15 SGP6.0F4A25 6.0A Yes Yes 1000
CIS6.3F1A15 CSP6.3F6A15 SGP6.3F4A15 SGP6.3F4A25 6.3A Yes Yes 1000
CIS7.0F1A15 CSP7.0F6A15 SGP7.0F4A15 SGP7.0F4A25 7.0A Yes Yes 1000
CIS8.0F1A15 SGP8.0F4A15 SGP8.0F4A25 8.0A Yes Yes 1000
CIS10.F1A15 SGP10.F4A15 SGP10.F4A25 10.0A Yes Yes 1000

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