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AC Switch Toggle Switch Toggle Switch 80 Series (FI, ENEC)

Description:Use plastic cover, light and efficiency.
Application:Mechanical and Electrical products.
Max. Rating:16(6)A 250VAC T55 (ENEC)
Insulation Resistance:DC 500V 100MΩ or more
Withstand Voltage:AC 1500V for 1 min or more
Contact Resistance:DC 2-4V 1A 20mΩ or less
Standard Accessries:2 nuts, 1 washer and 1 locking washer.


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Product Code Operation Circuit Terminal Knob
8011-K1T1 2P (SPST) ON-OFF T1 (Soldering) K1
8011-K1T2 2P (SPST) ON-OFF T2 (QC) K1
8011-K1T3 2P (SPST) ON-OFF T3 (Screw) K1
8011-K2T1 2P (SPST) ON-OFF T1 (Soldering) K2
8011-K2T2 2P (SPST) ON-OFF T2 (QC) K2
8011-K2T3 2P (SPST) ON-OFF T3 (Screw) K2
8012-K1T1 3P (SPDT) ON-ON T1 (Soldering) K1
8012-K1T2 3P (SPDT) ON-ON T2 (QC) K1
8012-K1T3 3P (SPDT) ON-ON T3 (Screw) K1
8012-K2T1 3P (SPDT) ON-ON T1 (Soldering) K2
8012-K2T2 3P (SPDT) ON-ON T2 (QC) K2
8012-K2T3 3P (SPDT) ON-ON T3 (Screw) K2
8013-K1T1 3P (SPDT) ON-OFF-ON T1 (Soldering) K1
8013-K1T2 3P (SPDT) ON-OFF-ON T2 (QC) K1
8013-K1T3 3P (SPDT) ON-OFF-ON T3 (Screw) K1
8013-K2T1 3P (SPDT) ON-OFF-ON T1 (Soldering) K2
8013-K2T2 3P (SPDT) ON-OFF-ON T2 (QC) K2
8013-K2T3 3P (SPDT) ON-OFF-ON T3 (Screw) K2
8021-K1T1 4P (DPST) ON-OFF T1 (Soldering) K1
8021-K1T2 4P (DPST) ON-OFF T2 (QC) K1
8021-K1T3 4P (DPST) ON-OFF T3 (Screw) K1
8021-K2T1 4P (DPST) ON-OFF T1 (Soldering) K2
8021-K2T2 4P (DPST) ON-OFF T2 (QC) K2
8021-K2T3 4P (DPST) ON-OFF T3 (Screw) K2
8022-K1T1 6P (DPDT) ON-ON T1 (Soldering) K1
8022-K1T2 6P (DPDT) ON-ON T2 (QC) K1
8022-K1T3 6P (DPDT) ON-ON T3 (Screw) K1
8022-K2T1 6P (DPDT) ON-ON T1 (Soldering) K2
8022-K2T2 6P (DPDT) ON-ON T2 (QC) K2
8022-K2T3 6P (DPDT) ON-ON T3 (Screw) K2
8023-K1T1 6P (DPDT) ON-OFF-ON T1 (Soldering) K1
8023-K1T2 6P (DPDT) ON-OFF-ON T2 (QC) K1
8023-K1T3 6P (DPDT) ON-OFF-ON T3 (Screw) K1
8023-K2T1 6P (DPDT) ON-OFF-ON T1 (Soldering) K2
8023-K2T2 6P (DPDT) ON-OFF-ON T2 (QC) K2
8023-K2T3 6P (DPDT) ON-OFF-ON T3 (Screw) K2

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